*School year sessions are paid monthly prior to services. Tuition is due during the first week of the month. There is a $10 late fee per week thereafter.
*An invoice will be emailed to you with an electronic "pay now" option. If your child starts in the middle of the month, your invoice will be pro-rated.
*We accept bank transfers as well as checks. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments.
*No refunds, credits or transfers for services.
*Summer Sessions (June and July,) are paid in full prior to summer. Summer payments may be broken into two payments prior to May, if desired. There are no refunds, transfers, or credits for summer classes, private sessions, tutoring, or enrichment.

Our Calendar
We have two semesters at Schoolie*gigs: summer and school year.
*School Year: (Aug-May) You may start any time in the school year.  We ask for a 30-day notice of cancellation.
*Summer: (June-July) Enrollment for summer session is February-June. We recommend registering early, as spots are limited.  

*Snow days are based on the Springfield Public Schools cancellation, if SPS is cancelled, so is Schoolie*gigs.

*You are welcome to arrive early; if you do, please stay in your car or outside of the building until 2 minutes prior to your lesson.  Even if we appear to have no clients, we are preparing and creating amazing lesson plans for your child!
*Because we have no waiting area, parents may stay in their car or run errands. Feel free to leave your child in our care once their lesson has begun.
*Unfortunately, parents or caregivers are not able to stay during lessons or classes.
*Please notify us by text or phone call if you will be late.
*There is a $10 late pick up fee.

Cancellation/Missed Sessions

Private Sessions
*If for any reason you are not satisfied with our first session, you may cancel prior to our second meeting. Once we meet for our second session there is an 8-week minimum.
*During the school year, a full 30 days notice must be given to discontinue. If a full 30 days is not given, you will be charged for the 30 days and can elect to come or be absent for those remaining 30 days.
*There are no refunds.
*Due to the extensive planning and preparation our teachers dedicate to each individual student, we ask for an 8 week minimum commitment.
*If the child misses a tutoring session due to illness, please work directly with the tutor to work out a make up time.
*You will receive a credit for a missed class or session due to weather or teacher illness.