9:00-11:30     Little House at Schooliegigs (Ages 7-10):
Based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series, this interactive class explores all things from that era. Students will learn about life on the prairie through fun activities, exciting games, foods and lots more! This class is designed for a wide range of ages. Students should bring a sack lunch.
11:30-12:30   Kitchen Science (Ages 7-10):
This class is for your budding chef! Each week students will create a food masterpiece while learning about measuring, mixing and other basic kitchen skills. The best part is students get to each their homework!
12:35-1:35     Bugs, Insects and Butterflies! (Ages 7-10)
This class may give you the creepy crawlies! Join us while we learn all about bugs, observe larvae and see caterpillars turn into butterflies. 


9:00-11:30     2nd/3rd Grade Refresher
Keep your little student ahead for a comprehensive review of reading, writing and math skills learned during the school year. This class will review and practice spelling, writing skills, multiplication, reading and lots more. Students should bring a sack lunch.
11:30-12:30   Gardening (Ages 7-9)
Lets dig in the dirt! Join Ms. Kathy in this fun interactive class where students will learn all about gardening by planting their own.
12:35-2:00     Reading Comprehension (Ages 7-9)
This class is an in depth review to grow reading comprehension skills. Geared towards 2nd-4th graders, this class will teach your student the strategies necessary to take their reading to the next level to prepare them for next school year.
9:00-12:00     Mini Prep (Ages 2-3)
A little bit of everything for our tiniest students! Join us to learn and play with letters, numbers, colors and songs as we work on sitting, listening to a teacher and taking turns. This class is a great introduction for loving to go to “school.”


9:00-12:00     Prep Class (Ages 3-5)
Join Ms. Kathy for some fun midweek learning! Spray water guns on letters; play learning games with balls, bean-bags, hopscotch, and more! We will get your child counting and working on pre-reading skills through direct teaching, fun activities, games and songs. Students bring a sack lunch.
12:00-12:30   Kindermusik (June) /Mini Gym (July) (Ages 2.5-5)
Kindermusik-This popular class is all about dancing, singing and having fun! Learn elements of music while having a blast. Mini Gym- Calling all little gymnasts! Each week Little Monkeys will bring in a piece of gymnastics equipment to turn Schoolie*gigs into a mini gymnastics center. Gain coordination and flexibility while building your muscles!
12:35-1:35     Creature Power! (Ages 2.5-7)
Based on the popular PBS show “Wild Kratts,” this class will have you going WILD about animals! Learn about a new animal each week. Discuss habitats, creature powers (animal adaptations,) and even try activates that will bring learning to life!
9:00-12:00    Pre Prep (Ages 2.5-4.5)
Come have fun with Ms. Michelle this summer! Have a race with magnetic letters, spray water guns on letters, play learning games with balls, bean-bags, hula hoops and more! We get your child counting and working on letter skills through direct teaching, fun activities and songs. Students should bring a sack lunch.

9:00-12:00    Reading and Math Advanced Prep (going into Kinder or 1st grade)
This is the perfect class for kids going into Kindergarten or 1st grade. Summer time is a time for fun, come have a blast while working on reading and math! We have fun activities like word family water balloons, ring toss sight words and water gun word parts while focusing on advanced reading and math skills. We customize learning by having small group reading time so kids can be challenged when reading and completing word work skills. We will also be working on addition, 10 frames, time and money-all things advanced Kindergarteners and 1st graders need to know. Students should bring a sack lunch.
12:00-1:00    Bug Science
This class may give you the creepy crawlies! Join us while we learn all about bugs, observe larvae and see caterpillars turn into butterflies. 

We will have plenty of spots for tutoring this summer. Please contact Stephanie with inquiries on day and time availability; we will do our best to accommodate to your preferences.
A few things to remember:
*Dependent upon availability, tutoring sessions can be scheduled back to back with classes you are taking.
*It will be possible to hold two private tutoring sessions simultaneously, which means more availability of times!
*While one child is in class, it may be possible to tutor an older or younger sibling.
*We can tutor students from 2 to age 10.
*Have a tutoring need that isn’t listed? It never hurts to ask, we have an amazing staff of teachers with a wide range of experience. 

Click here for registration forms!


May 29-Jul 31